Monday, February 17, 2014

I Want HER God!

There's a theory in some shamanistic cultures that autistic individuals are closer to the spirit world.  These are the folks they train to become shamans and make contact with the spirit world.

All I can say is that Ryan either has a different god than I do (picking one would be good I guess!) or else a better channel in to that god. 

All I know is that the next time I need intercession, I might be going directly to her.  Sorry, churches - all of you - I got a better connection through my daughter.

"I don't want to do long distance education.  I don't want to go online.  I hate long distance education.  Why can't I just work with you again like we did last year?"

This from Ryan because we had a friend over Friday and had some catch up to do over the weekend.  Also because Ryan has some Executive Function problems and organisational difficulties and can spend a HUGE amount of time on wasted effort that doesn't help her complete the task at hand.  Because she has learned helplessness when the school in Germany made it impossible for her to achieve and then the schools in Queensland made it too easy!  And because last year she was spoiled as hell and had a mother struggling to put together a personalised educational program tailored to her interests and speed and adaptable to our other daily activities.

Uh uh.  Said mother is NOT going there again.

This year she has to learn European history and the feudal system, take basketball, AND do chemistry. And she has to finish the assignments on time and take tests.  Even if she finds it stupid and boring and she just hates it hates it hates it.

She, by the way, is doing amazingly well in all her academics, maths included, because she has quiet time at home alone to do it and she CAN do it at her own pace.

She loves the school.  Long distance education is amazing for both of us. 

She is just mad she has to work now.

Well, whoever she put in a word to certainly was listening.

On Saturday morning, to Ryan's great delight, we were denied online access to the school website.  No lessons.  No emails.  Nada.

Mum, unfortunately thinks ahead, and has most of the lessons in paper printouts.

By Sunday, however, Ryan was pretty used to skipping over parts she was supposed to do online and just improvising with the two of us.  This was pretty good; almost what she'd asked for again.

But Monday - today - the school responded at 7:30 am.  The problem was that our local high school had Ryan on their lists and so we lost permission for BSDE.  NO.  SHE MOST DEFINITELY DOES NOT GO THERE. AND NEVER WILL!

So they sent us a temporary link for Ryan to use to login to classes.

Then they informed us that pipes had burst in the school building in Brisbane, two floors were flooded and some classes would be cancelled anyway.

Ryan was cheerier,

Until I informed her all four of her classes were still on.  (Hey, maybe there is a god out there on MY side too?!  Let's face it, they are toying with us, these beings.)

And then - bang - the entire virtual classroom system went down and NO ONE could log into classes today.  At all.

I can envision the battle raging on Mount Olympus..

We spent the day doing English on our own and then maths.  Ryan got to peruse some horse magazines and help me with Ian while she got ready for dance class.  We made muffins.  It was a busy, but self-paced kind of home school day.

Exactly what Ryan had been going for!

Church of Ryan.  I'm her biggest believer!

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