Sunday, October 27, 2013


Why the profound silence after Damon suggested he might have to get a girlfriend to take care of some of the things that aren't getting done lately? (Eh hem.)

 Honestly, I was trying to figure out when we could schedule her in!


And I know it's probably a lot to ask if she'll take the kids some times. (Maybe run a couple of carpools and do their homework with them? Piano skills might come in handy.)


But would she mind helping with the dishes and the sweeping up?

It would be awfully great if she could cook. (Dare I ask for healthy, home-made, gluten-free meals on a budget? Does she know how to garden? Or should I be grateful for pasta and bbq?)

'Cause that would give me LOADS...oh LOADS...what about the laundry? Sewing? Sewing skills would be really great.

HEAPS of time to spend with Ryan and her new horse.

Maybe even get some writing done.

Honey, on second thought, I'll be your girlfriend.


What we need to be on the look-out for is a better wife!



  1. Do you know Ian Frazier's award-winning essay called "I want a wife"? Reminds me of it, but he didn't have the nice pictures, nor did he have your perspective!

  2. No but I will look it up. There are some essay competitions coming up and I am thinking of trying that out as my "new" thing. The YA novel idea is AWESOME but might have to wait for fulfillment! And I am TRYING to be lighter....really working on it! It's better to make people laugh - and maybe work WITH you - than to try to fight them all the time! Anna Quindlen has some similar essays though. Love them. Gotta keep laughing. Gotta keep smiling! Thanks Jim. Keep inspiring me - when I hear from you I know I am doing something right!