Friday, December 28, 2012

Good Intentions! (Belated Kids with Santa Photo)

Ryan, Matthew, Ian and Santa, Aidan and Andrew

Christmas in Queensland.  I keep promising to post the photos.  Mostly because my parents dont believe Damon and I are still together since we have not a single shot of the two of us.  Uh yeah, mom, it took about ten minutes to get Matthew to take a decent shot two weeks ago.  Andrew's were terrible.  Ryan had Ian.  And Aidan...oh darn, in the meantime we can't even FIND Aidan!

What about posting the photo?  Uh yeah, ma, I'll get to that.  Right after I send you Ian's baby photo.  I'm on it. 

And yes, those are my kids in bathing togs posing with Santa.  When in Oz!

Truth is we are having a fabulous time.  Christmas here is so different from anywhere else.  It falls in SUMMER!  Shona's fantasies about a white Christmas aside, Christmas in summer is the best there is.  We have the concerts in the parks.  Christmas light displays so big you get out of the car and walk around them.  In pajamas and bare feet.  We have Christmas barbeques.  Pool parties.  The beach.  Some more barbeques.  Amusement parks and water parks.  Oh and did I mention the barbeques?  And the beach?

Look, I can see it isn't everyone's idea of a perfect Christmas.  But it sure is mine.

We have the end of school and end of school fun combined with Christmas fun.  We have the summer holidays.  It's like all the good stuff all wrapped into one like, like, well, like a giant Christmas present really!

We're off to Brisbane today, to spend time in the lagoon.  In the middle of the city.  Swimming.

Will have to settle for a beer instead of a Gluehwein though.  And sunscreen and sunhats and sunshirts in place of scarves, hats and mittens.  Togs instead of snowsuits.

It's tough going, this Christmas in Queensland.  But we're doing the best we can with what we've got!


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