Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Photos: Waiting For Christmas

The birthday girl out for a nighttime swim in the pool.
There's always been talk amongst those living in temperate climates in the Northern Hemisphere. 

"Won't you miss the snow at Christmas time?"

Uh no.

Ryan's end-of-year gymkhana. 
Santa's vacation home in Queensland.
Turns out gingerbread travels well.
What happens to the front hallway when next year's school supplies are added to the stockings, cards and overseas gifts.
Decorating for Christmas.  (Note the Queensland Advents Wreath!)
Plus mangoes!

Camping in the backyard for Ryan's birthday party.
Where you end up on the beach with a baby.
The boys play outside.
Andrew dives.

Aidan poses.

What happens when you leave the camera out and turn your back for one minute.
And look!  St. Nick found us in Queensland too!

So that, no, we really haven't missed the snow.  Thanks for asking, though!

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