Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Without Snow: Summer Holiday Photos Continued

One of my favourite TV commercials here has university students from the University of the Sunshine Coast at a rally in support of those less fortunate than themselves. 

The leader of the rally urgently describes the plight of those poor university students in the cities.

"They only have a beach that is a few hundred meters long." he explains to oohs of disbelief.

"Yes.  That's really small."  he continues, shaking his head sadly.

Pause for the punch line.

"And it doesn't even have any waves."

You gotta love a country that knows how good they have it.

So, once again, do we miss the snow?

Feel sorry for us all you like!  Our lagoon in Brisbane doesn't have any waves!

Won't they be surprised once I AM walking!

Well Aidan, we just won't tell anyone Mommy is drinking a Margarita while breastfeeding!  (December 22, South Bank, Brisbane)

Wrestling Daddy at the lagoon in South Bank, already rebuilt from last January's flood.
Matthew at South Bank lagoon.

Ian and Daddy at South Bank.
Ian greets the local sea urchins, Aidan and Ryan.

Christmas morning.
Looks like Santa knows where Australia is after all.

What?!  No turkey for Christmas?!
And all Ian got for Christmas was this palm frond that fell into the pool.

Zianda, Chris and Ollie came to wish Ian a Merry First Christmas.
Ice cream!  Ice cream!  (Days after Christmas.)

Um, no, not missing the snow!
Would you mess with THIS mob?!  (Sea World, Gold Coast, for Dad's birthday on December 29)

Can't do this in the snow!
Sea lion show.
Ian.  Because I couldn't very well end with a sea lion now could I?!
2011 is over.  It was one of the most turbulent years in Queensland recorded history: flooding, cyclones, earthquakes in Christ Church and Japan, record high rainfall and record low temperatures.  The latter two which affected us not at all since the worst lows here still made it warm and sunny in comparison to Europe. 

2011 is also the year Ian was born and the year we began our lives as Aussies.

It feels right that we should have been here for the floods, to share in the tragedy and the rebuilding, the sense of community and good will, the knowledge that although we do live in a country of violent extremes, it is still the lucky country.

Even without snow for Christmas!

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