Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Uh yeah. Today I was going to work on THE NOVEL. I have taken great liberty in calling it that since, so far, it is about ten pages of character development with some theme and no plot.

But I feel it.

Then I dutifully checked emails to keep up with my volunteer stuff at school.

And received an email from Sabina, who - as another German-American and a mother of three who has done the transatlantic move a few times - totally validated me and made me feel better about myself and my ranting and raving. Nice to know I am not offending EVERYONE!

I had another email from Lindsey - who is my push and inspiration to write - and who seems to be spear-heading support (for her writing, which is fantastic, and therefore encourages me to do MY bit!) over the Internet. (Do English-speakers capitalized that, because it feels wrong NOT to!)

Of course that connected me to the REST of The Writers and I spent the next two hourse catching up on what THEY have been doing.

Uh yeah. I am surrounded by genius.

Here I am ranting and raving - throwing it into everyone's face - moralizing and overexplaining myself.

And Jim does it with a photo essay and a few well-chosen words. 

Check it out. He says - and shows - it better - than I am able to at the moment.

I have NOT asked Jim for permission to post this link - Jim, is it okay, because I will take it off if it is not - and I certainly don't know his reasons for posting this.

But, since I am personally having trouble writing ANYTHING at all about Japan, well.....isn't it nice when someone can show pictures of Stuttgart, that have NOTHING to do with Japan, and still express what I have been unable to say in words for weeks now?

So much nicer than banging you over the head with it.I may have it all wrong. But Jim's photos - and words - are always worth a look.

Maybe I should just stick to hanging out the laundry!


  1. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for the link. Of course it's fine if your readers zap over to my blog! The more the merrier.
    This was my first semi-preachy blog, but the apple didn't fall far from the tree in this case.
    You don't have to write anything about Japan; you've got enough on your plate now and seem to be serving it steaming hot to your readers. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hmmm. JUST now realized I like preachy music too - 10,000 MANIACS? Nothing subtle about me, I guess!