Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Children for Sale?

Maybe this isn't perfect parenting technique, but I've been trying sarcasm.

"Listen kids, we now have the one we wanted, so we can now sell off you earlier models that aren't working out."

This is on days when Ian is teaching himself the alphabet and flute and playing hopscotch with three year old girls on his own.

Funny enough, the two I am talking about know exactly who they are.

"Yes, I am talking about you two: the seven year old who didn't want to read today and the fourteen year old who won't shower."

"No, we won't mention that in the ad, and no, we won't show them the three that ARE working out okay."

Of course, I used to ask Ryan if we should take Andrew back as a baby because we thought he was broken. 

Sorry Ryan, the warranty ran out on that one!

And, as we are constantly reminding Andrew, we HAVE put a lot of time and effort into the twins so we should probably keep them.

I'm not REALLY selling off any of the kids.

I just think it's really funny the two of them knew they were the ones with "For Sale" signs on their foreheads that day!

We discuss this at family meal times. 

Do I get brownie points for having those?!


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