Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why There Is War


I have been doing a lot of yoga lately.

Om mane padme hum.   (Be the lotus!)

I was so mellow in the midst of an evening meal with 8 kids and 6 adults this past Friday after my yoga class that I MUST be getting somewhere on the inner peace and balance, right?

So why am I still in the middle of childish slights and petty turmoil?

Because I chose to be.

And why do they exist?

Because there is no growth without struggle.


Inner peace is the RESULT of inner struggle. 

Personal growth comes from personal questioning.

So, Lori, there's my answer.

It's not about Krishna and being the arrow but not the archer.

We have war so that we can choose not to have war.

We have war to teach us peace.

We struggle so that we find balance.

It still sucks, just about as much as this rapidly typed blog, but I wanted to share the answer with you as soon as I got it.

Once again, it would be very profound, if it hadn't already been written down thousands of years ago.



  1. It's also why you should love your enemies - another BUddhist tenet. Because your enemies teach you... got it now, thanks!!!!