Sunday, May 13, 2012

April Photos

For mothers - and fathers - and sisters and brothers - who absolutely adore my writing of course, but are wondering what I have done with the kids.  April in pictures.

April 1.  Our fool turns 10.


Five out of seven on the water on April 1. 



Two cool!

A mermaid and her merbaby.

Aidan learns to jet ski.

Matthew too.

Andrew's birthday present.

Still two cool.

Matthew and bike.

Andrew on the go.

Easter at Dicky Beach in Caloundra.

Easter surf for Aidan.


Back for more. 

April 10 at Wet n Wild.  Exhausting.

Ryan rides.

A boy and his kangaroo.
Looking good.

The bees.

Andrew in action.
  This week, Christ Church.  With essays written by Aidan and Matthew.

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