Monday, November 7, 2011

My Version of STFUP

The thought has occurred to me that parents spend way too much time taking - and posting - photos of their children in costume.

Look at the joy with which I did it on my last blog.

Ready for entry into a blog I read about recently (and now can't find) called Shut The F#@$ Up Parents or something similar.  Meant to post articles about perfectly mundane things children do that their parents find absolutely fascinating.  The tag line apparently is "You used to be fun.  Now you have a baby." 

I wonder if it is linked to the book going by a similar title:  Go the F#@% To Sleep.  Now coming out in a children's version.  Without THE WORD.

Just when I've given up cursing. 

For the most part.

Another thing we like to do is post pictures of our older children tormenting the latest addition.

So, here goes.  (I gave up being fun YEARS ago.  I'll settle for relatively clean and out of my nursing top by mid-afternoon.)

Aidan explains the deal to Ian:  Pose nicely and she leaves you alone!

That's it!

No really Mom, that was it!
Ryan co-mothering.

With the burp rag.

And the chin-as-third-hand technique!

Who needs a doll when I've got a brother!
Andrew is not as fond of posing.  Ian agrees.

Honestly, Mom!

Matthew prefers the career route.  With family plans.  (Reads:  When I grow up I want to be a fireman.  With my girlfriend.  She will be a firelady.)

But keeps his options open.  (Reads: When I grow up I want to be an ambulance driver.  With my girlfriend.  She will be an ambulance lady.)  He also had a police option going. 

I'm showing this one at his wedding.  (Reads:  When I grow up I want to be a knight.  With my girlfriend.  She will be a princess.)

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