Monday, June 27, 2011

Miley Cyrus

Ryan and Andrew and I went to a rock concert on Tuesday.

Rock as in Joan Jett or Pat Benatar. 

Never mind that the audience was mostly compiled of prepubescent and teenage girls raised on Hannah Montana.

This wasn't Disney.

And you know what, Miley Cyrus can REALLY ROCK!

Okay, I was kinda wondering why her Daddy didn't insist she wear clothes for the first act.  Was she so excited to be in Australia that she forgot to get dressed?!

But the 7 year old girls in front of us didn't seem to mind all the crotch-grabbing (aka Madonna) and hip gyrating, and she DID know how to move, so why let it bother me?!

And you could actually SEE her lose about 10 pounds throughout the course of the evening.  "Looking a little bit hippy, isn't she?" remarked my beloved husband on seeing some of the photos taken early on.  Wake up world, THIS is what s fit 18 year old looks like.  THIS is what all the 40 and 50 year olds are starving themselves into scarecrows for to emulate. 

I'm fairly sure the guitarist she did some of her solos with felt like asking her Daddy to have a talk with her about boundaries though. 

The music was good.  Miley can sing - the comparison to Joan Jett kept coming to mind, especially when she did a "I Love Rock and Roll" cover.  And the costumes too.  Pat Benatar.

The show was amazing.  Think Madonna.  Although the hip-hop dancers weren't half as good as those on 'So You Think You Can Dance."

And you can see where her music is going.  She DOES hang out with Ozzie Osbourne, doesn't she?

The opening act was a cute guy from Australia.  Whose cover of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" really brought down the house.  Nice accent too.  And some good stuff of his own.  So why was I so concerned with the fact that he looked so uncomfortable in those tight pants?!

I guess maybe I am getting old. ER anyway.  Too many worries, too many comparisons, instead of just living the moment.

What it all comes down to is that the moment was good.  Miley's got a voice; she can belt it out.  She's got a beat, she's got a message and she knows how to move.

We had floor seats just 14 rows and center away from the action.  Andrew stood on his chair and Ryan sang along.  Good quality family entertainment if you can handle the volume.  (Damon, however, would have been appalled.  Not EVERY mature male wants to watch a teenage girl prance about half naked on a stage, no matter how good her voice is!  Especially once he has a daughter of his own.  We're getting him tickets for Billy Ray, if Daddy ever does decide to come to town!)

Hannah Montana may be in reruns, but I really DO look forward to what Miley continues to come up with in the next few decades.

Now, who's coming to the Nick Jonas concert with me?

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